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Future of Technology

Accounting systems with all its peripheral.

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Manage company branches remotely

We provide you the best solutions to manage your company branches remotely with minimum costs and high efficiency, use our free 15 day trial.


Manage restaurants and coffees

You can manage your own restaurant sales from tablet or POS and link the software with mobile phone to identify clients and manage their requests.


Manage employees attendance

You can track and manage employees attendance and calculate their salary,leaves,deductions,bounces,loans and more many features.


Manage markets with all its kinds

Using Al Edari software for accounting and warehouse system you can control your sales no matter how branded.


Provide business tools and software

We provide all the tools that you need to work on our software from POS,cash drawers,thermal printers,barcode printers,barcode readers,price checkers,security doors,finger print devices,smart scales and more..


Manage Pharmacies and hospitals

Karmeh software grants you full management of your pharmacy,drug store or even hospital, it comes with great features to minimize efforts,save time and keep track of your drugs expire date.


Provide finantial services for companies

Do not hesitate to contact us,we provide you with Edari software and a highly efficient staff to walk you through it.


Track salesmen activities

By using our software, Your salesman can write invoices from tablet device linked online or offline with your accountant software,this way you can track salesmen activity,collect statistics about sales and activities on map.

Our Products


Software and applications

Accountant software,attendance management,pharmacies and hospitals management,hotels management, restaurants and coffees management,salesmen management

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Devices and tools

POS,cash drawers,thermal printers,barcode printers,barcode readers,price checkers,security doors,finger print devices,smart scales

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Know the features of al Edari software and learn how to use with full tutorial from begging to professional

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Our Team


Raed Sheakh Al Ghanamen

Waleed Kareem

Ali Falah

Mohamed Zaydan

Omar Abd Alrazaq

Muntajab Aldeen

Ali Aid

Hussain Raad

Kaswar Ali

Yassen Taha

Mohanad Monther

Ali Basher

Ahmed Ibrahim

Salah Kaf Alghazal

Salam Abdulamir

Saad Qays

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